Why would I pay to ask a question on Answers Up?

We believe that you will get better answers faster than you would on a normal answer website. You should also receive more answers than you normally would. People will go further to find you the answers to your questions because they will be paid for the answers instead of depending on their good will. Odds are that there are questions that will be asked on a free site that may not get answered that will get answered on Answers Up.

The attitudes of the people that answer should also be more cordial and accommodative than if they were answering for free.

How can I get paid for answering a question?

When you sign up, you’ll own your own Answers Up account. As you answer questions, you’ll be paid and the credits will add up. Once you decide to withdraw your credits, they’ll be converted in to a currency and you’ll be able to withdraw them through PayPal to your bank account. Please check here to make sure that you can accept payment via PayPal.

What if I ask a question and nobody answers it or the answers aren’t good enough?

At Answers Up, we have a money back guarantee. You just request a refund and we credit it back to your account.

How many people that answer the question get paid?

Everyone gets paid! The best answer which is chosen by the asker gets the largest cut of the credits, but everyone that answered, who did not get marked as spam by the asker, gets to split the rest of the credits. Over time, those credits add up and you can convert the credits and withdraw them to your bank account.