30th birthday party ideas

August 10
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What should I do for my best friend's 30th birthday next week?

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Since you only have a week to plan I would start calling bars and restaurants to make reservations! If your city has rooftop bars you'll have a great backdrop for some posts on social media. There are also comedy or jazz clubs if you're looking for some entertainment. I've seen some people rent out party buses if you have a big group of people. Depending on the year they were born you could throw a decade's themed party

Day trips are always memorable so if you have time, plan a getaway for a wine tasting or explore a nearby town. Other fun options are going to a karaoke bar, doing an escape room, or throwing a murder mystery party. 

The easiest way to narrow down your options is to decide if you want to have a more relaxed and intimate night staying in or going out with a bang

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Knowing the gender of your friend would have aided the right answer. However, Shutterfly has an idea; the 30th birthday party isn’t just to celebrate the end of your friend's 20s but to also kick off a brand new chapter. Your friend's 30th birthday party should be creative and exciting, as well as filled with friends and family.

Let’s face it with The Bash: coming up with 30th birthday party ideas can be tricky, especially when your friend is celebrating such a big milestone birthday. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering with close friends or deciding on a 30th birthday party theme for your friend birthday bash, there are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to throwing the best 30th birthday party for your friend.

Meanwhile, I will suggest that you go with the ideas on 1800Flowers.

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