Acitvities for parents

August 05
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What activities do parents enjoy?

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Take a class! My local libraries and community centers often have them available regarding different things, such as art and cooking, and they're often free or cheap. It can be fun to get out and try new things together. Even if you end up being terrible at it, you'll be terrible at it together! 

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Sometimes, just getting outside for a little bit by yourself can work wonders for your physical and mental health. Whether it's just a short walk around your block or an afternoon in the park, it's a great way to have some time for yourselves. You can bring a book to the park, bring art supplies, and even a romantic picnic. 

A lot of museums and gardens have free and discounted times as well, especially during the summer. See what is available in your area that matches your interests, and take yourself and your partner on a fun, child-free, educational date! 

This lists some other simple, free ideas - It says "mom," but they work for any parent. 

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