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August 05
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What do teenagers enjoy doing?

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Check your local library! The ones in my city often have free classes and events. They have writing classes, art classes, movie nights, board game nights, and video game tournaments. They are great ways to meet other teens and learn/practice new skills. Most of the events are free, or at least extremely cheap to attend. 

Libraries are also a safe environment compared to many of the other places bored teens could be hanging out at! 

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See what clubs and groups your school and community center offer. They often have a wide variety. My high school had everything from sports to poetry club to anime club. If they don't have one that interests you, look into starting your own. Odds are that you aren't the only one in your school or neighborhood with that interest. You'll get to share your interests, meet new people, and have something great to add to a college application and/or job resume. 

If you go that route, here is an article about the steps to take to start a club at your school.

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