Adult Friends

October 19
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What's the best way to make friends as an adult in their 30's?

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Personally, making friends when you are an adult is easy if you choose to. It’s not like in grade school or high school that you are forced to be with a group of people. When you are an adult, you can easily go to a concert of an artist you love and befriend the ones that are there. You already know your common interest and you just have to build the friendship from there.

There are a lot of ways to make friends as an adult. If you are into books, you can join book club. Or if you are a sports fan, you can build a friendship through playing the sport you love. Or even just making a fantasy football team, you can be able to find someone with common interest that you can hit it up with.

Making friends as an adult is easy but keeping them is a whole different story. You really do need to make an effort. You should communicate, make time and be there when they need you the most. Having and keeping a solid circle of friends is essential and it can even help on your physical and emotional health.

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