Affordable flights and hotels to Puerto Rico

August 11
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I want to go on vacation to Puerto Rico. The flight websites are overwhelming. Can somebody gives me some good options for booking a flight/hotel package there? Im felixble with my dates.

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Gone are the days of hunting for a flight and hotel separately, comparing hundreds of flight sales and hotel deals, with the added pressure of keeping track of all those pesky reference numbers. Check out an all-inclusive resort hotel package, where the price will also cover your food, drink, and activities, or a simple flight and hotel package, and enjoy the luxury of having all your essential information in one place. This is a cheaper package by Orbitz

It is such a nice place to spend one's vacation, Travelocity offers package deals to Puerto Rico, including flights and hotels, starting from an impressive $678. With all the extra money, you could throw in some cool tours or even add a couple of extra days to your getaway.

Puerto Rico! According to Expedia. It may be small, but Puerto Rico is perfectly formed and packs a personality punch. On that note, I will stick with the Orbitz package.


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