Are online certificates worth it?

August 05
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Does earning credentials online increase my chances of landing a job?

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There are a lot of factors that go into hiring someone for a specific position. Your experience and degree level is the most important factor. Earning online credentials does look good on a resume because it shows self-discipline and determination. There are so many online certifications you can get so I'm sure employers are paying attention to where you're getting these credentials from. Certificates are a hard aspect because your future employer won't know what you're capable of without seeing results. 

In all, certificates can help characterize you as a serious and self-reliant candidate. What will land you that job is proving that you can put all those theories into practice and get results. Here are some more helpful tips to improve your chances of getting a job.  

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While some employers may prefer candidates with degrees from brick-and-mortar institutions, more and more are seeing the value in online education. 

In fact, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 60% of employers said they would be more likely to hire a candidate with an online degree. So, if you're considering getting your degree online, know that you're not at a disadvantage in job hunting.

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In most cases, yes. Many employers are happy to see that you've taken the initiative to learn new things and better yourself. Online courses also show that you are comfortable with technology and can learn new things independently. 

They also demonstrate your flexibility when it comes to scheduling time for classes. And finally, credentials online make it easier for you to take a break from working and come back refreshed with new skills.

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