Baby food for infants with sensitive stomachs

August 05
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For infants with delicate stomachs, what kind of baby food is best?

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Baby food for infants with sensitive stomachs. For infants with delicate stomachs, what kind of baby food is best?

It is important to first rule out if your baby's reaction to certain foods is not due to an allergy or as a result of an underlying illness. If you are in any doubt, seek medical professional medical advice.

If it turns out your baby just has a sensitive stomach, start a food journal to identify which foods trigger this sensitivity and explore the possibility they might be suffering from some common ailment like lactose intolerance, which is far more widespread than people realise.

Also, use common-sense, avoid foods saturated in things like additives, chemicals or sugar, and anything that is over processed. So stick to quality products and consider going organic , which is maybe  a little bit more  expensive, but who can put a price on your baby’s good health?

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This is a list put together by a pediatrician. It includes the formula for babies with sensitive stomachs, milk allergies, or whose families are vegan. They tell the pros and cons and where to buy the various types. They've also included information regarding what is most likely available during the current formula shortage in America. 

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This list includes some things you can make, such as yogurt smoothies, and what snacks would be good for them, if they are old enough to have solid food.

This article is by a mom who regards her own experiences and choices regarding baby food for her child. She also lists other kid options as safer first-solid food choices for your child. Her firsthand experience will likely help you. 

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