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August 05
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What’s your favorite art era, and why?

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The appreciation of art is a very subjective thing and there are so many different eras and styles to choose from. And what you favor is very much influenced by your own personal feelings, experiences, tastes and opinions.

I have always been drawn to the paintings, sculptures, literature and music of the classical European Renaissance period that ran from the 14th century to the 17th century. Even many of their grander buildings were artistic statements, like the Château de Chambord in France, with its impressive double helix staircase.

It also includes famous artwork like  the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling in Rome. All these things are of exquisite beauty and crafted to near perfection.

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Every art era left footprints in time. That's an undisputed fact. However, I prefer Romanticism, as it focuses on emotion, passion, and sensation.

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Neoclassicism is my pick of the bunch because it invokes clarity, harmony, idealism, restraint, and universality.

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As an art enthusiast, it's no secret that there are countless art eras to choose from when it comes to finding your personal style. Whether you're drawn to the fluidity of the Baroque period, the boldness of Impressionism, or the abstraction of Modernism, there's no right or wrong answer. In this post, we'll explore some of the most popular art eras and what makes them unique, so you can discover your own favorite art era.

Understanding Art Eras

Art eras refer to specific periods in art history where artists shared similar styles, techniques, and cultural influences. These eras often overlap and blend into each other, making it difficult to draw clear boundaries between them. However, knowing the defining characteristics of each era can help you identify which style resonates with you.

Baroque Art

The Baroque era was a time of flamboyant and ornate art, characterized by dramatic lighting, intense emotions, and grandeur. The period is known for its lavish decoration, intricate details, and use of chiaroscuro to create dramatic contrasts between light and dark. Some of the most famous Baroque artists include Peter Paul Rubens, Caravaggio, and Rembrandt.

Renaissance Art

The Renaissance era is often considered the "golden age" of art, known for its revival of classical forms, perspective, and realism. The period was characterized by its emphasis on humanism and the celebration of the individual. 


The Impressionist era was a movement in art that sought to capture the fleeting moments of everyday life. This era is characterized by its emphasis on light and color, and its loose brushstrokes. The period is known for its plein air painting, which involved painting outdoors to capture the natural light and atmosphere. 


The Modernist era was a time of experimentation and innovation in art, marked by a rejection of traditional forms and a search for new modes of expression. This era is characterized by its use of abstraction, fragmentation, and bold colors. The period was influenced by technological advances and the social upheaval of the early 20th century. 


The best era of art is logically not universal, but it's subjective. This means that because there are several art periods, it depends on what stands out to you personally. What appeals to you visually and what evokes more emotions from you will be different from how someone else feels. Also you could love one art period or multiple. 

As a visual artist, myself, I do not have a favorite era or period, but there are some that I prefer. I personally prefer the Renaissance (and within that there's the Low, Middle and High periods which describe the 3 stages of its development), Pre-Raphaelite (which harkens back to the Renaissance, but with the romantic sensibilities of the 19th century which Pre-Raphaelitism developed in). I also prefer the high quirkiness and extreme experimentation of post-modern art (which includes styles as complex as photorealism and as simple as minimalism). There are other periods I prefer as well. 

At the end of my last paragraph I explained “styles”. There are art periods and then there are styles that fall within those periods or that even transcend periods and can be translated in new ways in further art periods. You will also develop a sense of what you prefer style-wise as you would in what you prefer as far as art periods. Like I mentioned, I love photorealism/hyperrealism and also minimalism. I also love the profound mystery of African styles which are eclectic & often varied in their abstract approach across nations and also I like the whispery, but crisp linear polish of Asian styles across those countries. 

To end it's hard to pin down one period as being better because they all offer so much aesthetically, mentally and emotionally. And even on a spiritual level. 

As you grow into a live of art you will learn what you prefer. 

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