Best family friendly boat

August 05
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Which boat is best for my family?

2 Answers:

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From my experience with my family, a pontoon boat is the best. It can suit many people of many ages; we had toddlers, teens, and seniors aboard. We were able to fit many people, and getting on and off from the water and the deck was easy for all of us. There was also plenty of space for storage, food, sunscreen, etc., along with shade. It also went well with our jet skis and tubes, as well as just swimming. 

Here is a clear and concise article about the pros and cons of pontoons. For families just wanting a relaxing day on the lake, it is an excellent choice.

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This link goes pretty in-depth about various boats and their uses. It depends on what type of activities your family is looking to do. Are you into more extreme sports or more relaxing sailing and swimming? It also depends on where you're located and what type of water you're looking to boat in. This article covers all of that, so I think it'll help you with your search. 

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