Best self-help book for being in a relationship

September 15
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What's the best self-help book for navigating a new relationship?

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The ability to be a good partner and friend isn’t something you were born with—it’s a learned skill, and one we could all stand to brush up on from time to time. After all, so many factors impact how we function in relationships, from past baggage to personal communication styles, and the more you understand, the better equipped you are to truly connect with and show up for others. 

However, relationship issues are both remarkably common and remarkably similar in a lot of ways. Here are a few of the only books on relationships

Also, there are many different ways to dive into your relational education. Relationship books are one avenue, including books written by relationship experts like couples therapists, counselors, and psychologists. Find some relationship books such as “Attached” that people have just found really helpful for learning more about ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we can improve as partners and friends.

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You don't necessarily need a self-help book for being in a relationship but what would be more beneficial is to check out books that would serve you and in turn serve your partner. The Body Keeps Score is a great read by Bassel van der Kolk where he walks you through how trauma affects the mind and the body. 

How we treat our partners is rooted in our relationships with our parents since they are the first people we form emotional bonds with. Books about familial trauma and cycles can help us identify our own unhealthy behaviors. It Didn't Start with You is another great option if you're interested in seeing how family dynamics have affected you. 

If you'd still prefer books that talk about relationships specifical here is a list of 10 options put together by an expert. Some of Dr. Jamie's recommendations include: The Seven Principles for Making a Marriage Work, Four Essential Keys to Effective Communication, and How to Become a People Magnet. 

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