Best time of year to plan a family vacation

August 05
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When is the best time of year to plan a family vacation?

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Obviously, the best time to take the family on holiday is the time when it has the least impact on your children’s schooling, like half term and the summer holidays, though this can be expensive as vacation prices tend to go up dramatically around these times. So check with your school first if you are considering taking a family holiday during school time and they will advise you accordingly.

And remember to do some basic research about where you are going on holiday to make sure that it has the activities and facilities to suit all the particular needs of all members of your family, including, if applicable,  the family dog!

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It goes without saying— Summer! Kids will be off from school and naturally travel destinations will put kid-friendly entertainment together. Places like cruises are great for families because there are activities for everyone.

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If you want to avoid big crowds, vacations around the wintertime when the kids are on winter break can be fun. There’s always something to do in the snow.

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