Best type of dog breed for apartment living

August 01
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I am thinking about getting a dog but I live in a 700 sqft apartment on the third floor. I work from home so will be home often, what is the best small breed I should consider that does not need a lot of exercise and can live comfortably in a one bedroom apartment?

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The best dog breeds for apartments are definitely smaller to medium-sized dogs but you shouldn't exclude larger breeds. A lot of people in my building have huskies and other dogs on the bigger side. I would suggest heading down to your local shelter and seeing what the handlers can show you in terms of apartment-safe dogs. You never know who you'll connect with especially at a shelter. Adopt Don't Shop!

If you want to shop by breed the American kennel club suggests bichon frise, corgi, Japanese spitz, Maltese, and a bunch more. 

Manofmany has a great article breaking down each breed and their pros and cons.  

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There are plenty of breeds that are perfect for apartment living but just because they're small doesn't mean they belong in an apartment. For example, Australian Terriers tend to have high energy and need a lot of exercise!

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Boston terriers are very affectionate so if you're looking for a little side kick they're definitely great to have around an apartment.

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Charles Spaniels are known to be a low-energy dog so they're perfect for apartments since they don't bark much.

Pugs are also a notorious favorite for apartments because of their playfulness and they don't need much activity.

No matter the breed if you want your dog to remain healthy and happy you should be providing them with plenty of exercise and activities.

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