Birthday presents

October 20
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Next week it's my boyfriend's birthday and I still haven't manage to buy him something. I need some birthday ideas for boys🙃 Thanks in advance.

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I would go for something that it lasts and it is functional. Maybe you could buy him his favourite shoes. Boys always love good shoes. 
Also here is a website with lots of ideas on boyfriend birthday presents. I'm sure you will find something that matches his preferences. 
Hope I helped you😋

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Personally, I would steer clear from the gifts that are personalized. Although it’s thoughtful and you’re boyfriend will appreciate the effort. But you’d want something he’d definitely be excited to use. Most men aren’t sentimental, we are practical.

You should watch this video – Gifts That ALL Men ACTUALLY Want. This guy knows what he is talking about. If you want advice for a gift to your boyfriend, better get it from an actual guy. Aside from some practical advice, the material gifts he listed was cologne and robe. I hope it helps.

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