Can you be friends after a breakup?

August 05
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Is it possible to genuinely maintain a friendship when a committed relationship ends?

2 Answers:

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It all depends on the situation and how the breakup went down. If it was amicable and you still care for each other, then there's a good chance you can remain friends. However, if the breakup
was messy or one-sided, it might be best to take some time apart before trying to be friends again.
Even when you get back together, don't be afraid to keep your relationship boundaries firmly. Don't let them come over unannounced, and don't go over to their house without telling them first. Just because they're your ex doesn't mean they have any right to come into your life whenever they want.

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It is possible to be friends after a breakup. However, it depends on the situation and why the relationship ended. For example, if the breakup was mutual and both parties were on good terms, they will likely remain friends.
However, if the breakup was not mutual or there was bad blood between the exes, then it is less likely that they will be able to remain friends. It also largely depends on how long the two people were together before ending things and how long ago the breakup occurred. In general, it's best to give at least one year of space before trying to reconnect with an ex in any capacity.

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