Decorating a kids room on a budget

August 05
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How can you decorate a child's room on a budget?

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I wanted to make my young son’s bedroom fun and be something that would feed into his imagination. So I stripped the walls down and painted the bottom section mid-brown (to represent the sea bed), then paint very top of the wall and ceiling light blue (for the sky) and a green-blue in between for the sea.

Then populate all the whole things with fish, clouds, boats and sharks using stencils you can get free off the web.

It ended up looking so cool and took just a day to complete from start to finish. Other themes you could do is making the room into a castle , airport, dinosaurs or wildlife park!🙂

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Buy things second-hand! Thrift stores, like Goodwill, often have items that are new or like new. Apps like LetGo and OfferUp also have great items that are fairly priced. My brother found a great rug, bed frame, etc. on these apps for my nieces. With these apps, I suggest meeting in a public place as much as possible, though. 

Target and Walmart have great and cute brands for various themes and interests. Both stores have deals on children's items a lot, so I'd make a wish list and then keep an eye out for sales. 

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Check out your community Facebook groups. Many places have buy/sale/trade groups, and children's items are one of the most popular items, in my experience. You can also sell or trade the older items to earn money and make room for the new décor. 

Additionally, try to make things like artwork on your own. Things like marble or acrylic pour art makes for fun and unique décor. Children can also be involved in making these pieces too, making the décor more special. 


Use a lot of wood material available in local area and get is made from a carpainter according to you childs need. Secondly use a lot of DIY material sitting with your child, this is a great opportunity to teach many things to child. 

Plants are a great option as they are cheap and will help child to learn about plant and how to take care of them. 

A good mattress would always be worth buying for a good night sleep. 

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