Do cats hold grudges?

August 05
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Can cats hold grudges?

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Yes, cats like any intelligent creature are capable of deep emotions that go beyond just the need to simply eat, sleep and survive.  Therefore, these very social creatures are capable of loving, hating someone, as they very much associate certain actions and behaviours you may do as being significantly bad or good events in their lives.

So what you do and how you treat them can be either be very much appreciated or resented by them, so be very careful that some thing that you do to them, does not turn into a cat's version of a grudge!

But also remember that they are also capable of forgiving someone too, so if you ever anger your cat, give it a cuddle and a treat afterwards, and the chances are it will forgive you!  

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Cats don't harbor grudges like people do since they don't experience the same emotions as us. Cats, on the other hand, link certain behaviors and activities to both positive and negative situations. These associations influence how they respond.

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Cats may avoid something or someone as a result of a painful incident, but this avoidance is not as a result of animosity or hostility. In fact, using anger to excuse this action would amount to anthropomorphism, which is when non-human beings are given human characteristics. Cats, however, may remember incidents that have a significant emotional influence on them.

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