Does 'flirting' with other men count as cheating if my wife does it?

August 05
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Does 'flirting' with other men count as cheating if my wife does it?

2 Answers:

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No, flirting is not cheating. Cheating is defined as being unfaithful to your partner, usually by having a sexual relationship with someone else. Flirting simply shows interest in someone else and doesn't necessarily have to be sexual. 

It can be flirtatious banter or even just flattering someone. For example, men often use flirting to show that they're interested in a woman without making commitments. Women may also use flirting to find out what other men are like before deciding whether or not they want an actual relationship with them.

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It counts as cheating if you're not OK with your wife flirting with other men. If she's doing it without your knowledge or consent, that's cheating. 

If you've given her permission to do it, then it depends on your definition of flirting. If you consider harmless flirtation with being cheating, then yes, she's cheating on you. But if you're OK with a little harmless flirtation, she's not cheating on you.

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