Does friends with benefits work?

August 05
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Friends with benefits—does it work?

2 Answers:

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In theory, friends with benefits should work. You're supposed to be able to set clear boundaries and remain platonic friends. But in reality, it's often not that simple. Feelings can get hurt, and people can get jealous. So if you're considering a friends with benefits situation, be honest about whether or not you think it will work.

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If both parties are on the same page and understand the agreement, friends with benefits can work. However, it's important to set clear boundaries and expectations from the beginning and be honest about your feelings and intentions. 

Otherwise, someone is bound to get hurt. For example, a couple may start as friends who eventually decide to have *** and develop romantic feelings for each other. 

It can be confusing if one person wants something more serious while the other still sees their relationship as casual. The type of arrangement that works best is one where everyone understands what they're getting into, and no one feels guilty or embarrassed.

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