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August 05
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What would be a clever trick I could play on my younger siblings that wouldn't land me in serious trouble?

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The first thing to always remember is, whatever the prank, it must be safe and you must not just be laughing at someone else’s discomfort, otherwise it's just a cruel and humiliating thing to do.


How about creating a false headline using newspaper generator and convincing your younger siblings that a real living dinosaur has been discovered or that you secretly released a K-pop single with Lady GaGa and it's gone straight to number one. 

If you want to be more elaborate you can create a magazine covers with pictures to backup your story!

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Stick with the classics! Saranwrap on the toilet seat, shaving cream in their hand while they're sleeping then tickling them with a feather, giving them a silly mustache with a washable marker. (NOTE – ENSURE IT IS WASHABLE!). 

Remember that after a prank both parties should be laughing. Keep it simple and lighthearted. Make sure there is no risk to either of you, anyone's belongings, etc. 

That said, let the prank war begin!

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The link I posted has sixteen funny (and safe) pranks to play on your siblings. The McDonald's one would be pretty funny. I've also seen posts where people put a veggie tray inside a Krispy Kreme to trick people. 

The googly eye one would be especially fun with young children. They may be more sensitive to other tricks, so this lighthearted one would be fun for them – and you. You all could take turns putting googly eyes on items when you least expect it. 


A clever trick you could play on your younger siblings is called a harmless prank. It's a joke that won't hurt anyone and won't get you in trouble. 

For example, you could put googly eyes on all the food in the fridge so when they open it, they'll see funny faces. 

Or you could put a fake spider on their pillow so they think it's real and then you can laugh when they realize it's not. Just make sure it's something they will laugh at too.

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The Fake Spider: This classic prank involves placing a fake spider in a place where your sibling will stumble upon it. You can purchase a fake spider online or create your own using pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

The Invisible Ink Message: Write a message with lemon juice on a piece of paper and tell your sibling that it's a secret message. Once they've tried to read it and given up, reveal the message by holding it over a heat source (such as a light bulb) and watch their surprise!

The Toothpaste Oreo: This prank involves scraping out the cream filling of an Oreo cookie and replacing it with toothpaste. Just make sure your sibling doesn't take a bite before you reveal the prank!

The Water Balloon Surprise: Fill up a bunch of water balloons and hide them around the house. When your sibling least expects it, ambush them with a surprise water balloon attack!

The Fake Phone Call: Pretend to take a phone call from a celebrity or someone your sibling admires. Keep the conversation going for as long as possible, and watch as your sibling gets more and more excited!

The Ice Water Prank: Fill up a cup of ice water and place a straw in it. Wait for your sibling to take a sip, and watch as they get a chilly surprise!

The Shaving Cream Trick: While your sibling is sleeping, sneak into their room and spray some shaving cream on their hand. Then, tickle their nose with a feather or piece of tissue, and watch as they accidentally smear the shaving cream all over their face!

The Fake Power Outage: Turn off all the lights in the house and tell your sibling that there's been a power outage. Watch as they frantically search for candles and flashlights before you reveal the prank!

The Exploding Soda: Place a packet of Pop Rocks candy in a bottle of soda and watch as it explodes when your sibling opens it. Just make sure to do this prank outside!

The Whoopie Cushion: This classic prank involves placing a whoopie cushion on your sibling's chair before they sit down. Watch as they get an unexpected blast of air!


Tie a bucket to the top a door with water or flour in it , with a string. When they open the door it'll fall on them.   


Tell them you have won big money on a scratch card and make them take it to the shop they will certainly go red after theygettold it's not a winner 


Playing harmless pranks or tricks on your younger siblings can be a fun way to bond with them, as long as it's all in good spirit and doesn't cause any harm or distress. Here are a few ideas that should be safe and enjoyable for everyone involved:

Balloon Avalanche: While your siblings are in their room, fill the doorway with balloons. When they open the door, they'll be greeted with a fun surprise.

Fake Bug: Place a realistic-looking plastic bug under their pillow or in their room. When they discover it, you can have a good laugh together.

Magic Tricks: Learn a simple magic trick and perform it for them. Magic can be fascinating and entertaining for all ages.

Toothpaste Oreos: Carefully remove the cream from some Oreo cookies and replace it with white toothpaste. Offer them the cookies, and watch their reaction when they take a bite.

Invisible Ink Message: Write a fun or mysterious message on a piece of paper with white crayon. Give it to your siblings and tell them to paint over it with watercolors to reveal the hidden message.

Dress-Up Surprise: Leave a funny or silly costume for them to find when they open their closet or bedroom door. Encourage them to put it on and have a good laugh together.

Switcheroo: Swap the contents of two cereal boxes or snack containers. When they go to pour breakfast or have a snack, they'll be in for a surprise.

Photo Swap: Change the desktop background on their computer to a funny or unexpected image. Just be sure you know how to set it back afterward.

Remote Control Prank: Use a universal remote to mess with the TV or other electronic devices in a harmless and amusing way, like lowering the volume when they're watching something.

Balloon Pop: Place a balloon under their chair cushion, so when they sit down, it pops with a surprise noise.

Always make sure your pranks are safe and lighthearted, and consider your siblings' personalities and sensitivities. If you think a prank might upset them, it's best to avoid it. Building positive memories and laughter together is the goal, not causing any distress.

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