Funny prank for younger siblings

August 05
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What would be a clever trick I could play on my younger siblings that wouldn't land me in serious trouble?

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The first thing to always remember is, whatever the prank, it must be safe and you must not just be laughing at someone else’s discomfort, otherwise it's just a cruel and humiliating thing to do.


How about creating a false headline using newspaper generator and convincing your younger siblings that a real living dinosaur has been discovered or that you secretly released a K-pop single with Lady GaGa and it's gone straight to number one. 

If you want to be more elaborate you can create a magazine covers with pictures to backup your story!

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Stick with the classics! Saranwrap on the toilet seat, shaving cream in their hand while they're sleeping then tickling them with a feather, giving them a silly mustache with a washable marker. (NOTE – ENSURE IT IS WASHABLE!). 

Remember that after a prank both parties should be laughing. Keep it simple and lighthearted. Make sure there is no risk to either of you, anyone's belongings, etc. 

That said, let the prank war begin!

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The link I posted has sixteen funny (and safe) pranks to play on your siblings. The McDonald's one would be pretty funny. I've also seen posts where people put a veggie tray inside a Krispy Kreme to trick people. 

The googly eye one would be especially fun with young children. They may be more sensitive to other tricks, so this lighthearted one would be fun for them – and you. You all could take turns putting googly eyes on items when you least expect it. 

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