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August 08
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Hey guys, I need a basic list of groceries to buy on a budget. I'm a college student full time and only have $50 per week to spend on groceries

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Your basic grocery list should be whatever you frequently make during the week. When I was in college I would be purchasing eggs, bread, vegetables, and some kind of protein like meat or beans weekly. It helps to set up a meal plan so you'll know exactly what ingredients you'll need for the week. It also prevents you from repeat buying where you get something you already have at home. The key is to find a way to use up everything you have in the fridge and pantry. 

Lentils, rice, and beans are wallet-friendly and a great source of nutrition (they're also very filling). I also remember making a lot of pasta during my college years, it's fast and easy! 

Another way to save money is to compare the prices of your most frequently bought products from your local grocery stores. You might be able to save a couple of cents or dollars that'll make a difference. Don't be afraid to use coupons! You can find most online or behind your receipts. 

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A college student grocery list ultimately helps you get what you need at the grocery store, stay within your budget, make healthy choices, and meal prep more effectively. Part of building out a college student grocery list is to organize it effectively. For example, you could arrange your list by day of the week and the meal you plan to eat that day, or by the various aisles at the grocery store.

You might also want to see what staple items you have on hand each week and add those to your list as you run out. Be sure to cross off items from your list when you shop so you don't forget anything. The worst thing is realizing that you forgot a key ingredient after you return home from the store.

This list of adult 101 would practically help you.

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