How do I know when I'm in love?

August 05
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How can you tell when you're in love?

3 Answers:

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  • Your thoughts return to them regularly
  • You feel safe around them
  • You desire plenty of time spent together.

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The feeling of love is different for everyone, but there are some common signs. For example,
you might feel like you can't get enough of the person; you're always thinking about them, and
you want to spend all your time with them.

You might also feel butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing when you see them, and you
might feel giddy and happy. If you're wondering if you're in love, ask yourself how you feel
around the person and if your feelings have changed since you've met them. 

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Love is different for everyone, so there's no one answer to this question. For some people, love is a slow burn that grows over time, while others feel an instant connection. Some people experience love as a physical sensation, while others feel it more as an emotional bond. 

Ultimately, you'll just know when you're in love - it's a feeling you can't describe, but you'll just know.

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