How do you know when your house plants are dying

August 05
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What does it signify if the color of your houseplants begins to fade?

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It doesn't necessarily mean your plant needs more water it could mean it's not getting enough sun or maybe too much sun. If your houseplants are starting to fade then your plant isn't getting enough sun to produce green. Try moving the pot into a different location and notice how the sun moves around the space. Another solution is to water your plant more frequently. This all depends on what type of plants you have, I'd encourage you to read into the type of plant it is and its care. This is a great article on how to save your plants

I've been having this same issue with my plants, a lot of leaves have faded and dried out. I realize it's because I'm not giving them enough water. Since the weather over here has been over a hundred degrees my plants haven't been retaining as much moisture as they used to. 

There are a couple of different methods for watering your plants as well. I've seen some people fill up a tub and let their plants soak up water from the bottom. Others will let running water completely soak the pot all the way through. Hope this helps! 

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In this situation, the plant could be experiencing a lack of nutrients. However, you can apply a weak solution of liquid fertilizer for a quick boost. Meanwhile, there are signs that your plants are struggling and how to save them

In addition, if the leaves are turning yellow, the soil is moist, and you can see fungus growing at the base, it simply means that you’re overwatering. The solution, keep cacti and succulents in the sun, which cooks them dry very fast.

Also, there are reasons your house plants keep dying with a basic understanding of light, water, and soil, you can get your plants back on track and keep them thriving indoors for a long time. I hope your concerns have been addressed.


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