How long should I wait to propose?

August 01
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I am thinking of proposing to my girlfriend of 1 year. We live together and I am ready to take the next step, but not sure if she is. Is 1 year of dating too early to ask? What is the right amount of time to date someone before you know they are the one?

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Every couple is different! Some have decided to get married weeks after meeting while others wait decades. On average people date for one to three years before they decide to get married. But, it really depends on you and your relationship, after all no one knows your partner and your relationship the way that you do.

If you're not sure about where she stands on marriage try to bring it up in casual conversation and see how she responds. Start conversations about what she wants in the future in terms of your relationship and life in general. You can also try reaching out to her friends and family to get their input. As someone on the outside looking in I'd say take a leap of faith! When you know you know.

You can also sit back and evaluate whether or not you've noticed these signs you should get married.  

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