How much alcohol and food to buy for a party

August 04
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I am throwing a birthday party and need to know how much alcohol and food to buy. It is a house party with 30 guests confirmed. Since there is no set time for the party I would like to have several options for finger foods or appetizers guests can munch on throughout. For drinks, I am thinking two types of wine, beer, and liquor. Also, how much ice would I need for drinks?

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The rule of thumb for ice is one to two pounds per person but there's a website that'll tell you exactly how much you need here: Ice Estimator. You're more than likely to run out of drinks for people so I'd tell your guests that they are welcome to bring their own! You should also have sodas and juices for those that want to make their own cocktails. I'd say three types of sodas and two types of juices based on the liquor you have. There's a great article that helps you break down exactly how much food and drinks you'll need here. In terms of finger foods egg rolls are always a hit at parties and easy to eat. You can get a whole box of them catered from your local Chinese or Thai restaurants. Some other great options are buffalo wings, popcorn shrimp, and jalapeno poppers. You can find more options in 20 finger food ideas to feed to a hungry crowd. Be sure to ask about food allergies or diet restrictions! 

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