How not to get fired

August 05
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What might cause a boss to discontinue scheduling a worker?

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Be on time, meet deadlines, and follow directions. In short, be professional. 

If you're working at home, do not abuse it. While there are many ways to get around trackers and such regarding if you're working or not, companies are learning about these and are catching people often. Being fired for time theft and lying isn't worth it in the end. 

The linked Time article speaks more about how to be a valued employee when working from home. Being organized, communicating professionally and consistently, and networking are key ways to help make sure a company wants to keep employing you. 

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Sometimes getting fired is completely out of our control. However, being hardworking and responsible are typically ways to ensure job security. Meet deadlines, respect your coworkers, and show up to work on time and ready to tackle the day's assignments. 

No worker will be perfect and punctual all the time, but it is the effort and intent that will matter. How you react when you make a mistake will matter, too. Being constantly late and lying about reasons versus being rarely late and being apologetic and ready to work when you get in will have two different reactions. 

This article speaks about these tips a bit, as well as some other key factors to consider.

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There can be several reasons why a boss might discontinue scheduling a worker, including:

Performance issues: If a worker consistently fails to meet job expectations or fails to improve after being given feedback or training, a boss may decide to discontinue scheduling them.

Misconduct: If a worker engages in behavior that violates company policies or standards, such as harassment, theft, or other forms of misconduct, a boss may decide to terminate their employment.

Redundancy or restructuring: If the organization is going through a period of change, such as a merger or restructuring, a boss may decide to discontinue scheduling a worker if their role becomes redundant or no longer necessary.

Budget constraints: If an organization is facing financial difficulties or needs to reduce labor costs, a boss may decide to discontinue scheduling a worker as a cost-saving measure.

Personal reasons: In some cases, a boss may discontinue scheduling a worker due to personal reasons, such as a conflict with the worker or a change in the boss's priorities or preferences.

It is important to note that employers have a legal obligation to provide employees with a valid reason for any termination or discontinuation of employment, and cannot discriminate based on factors such as age, gender, race, or disability. If a worker feels that they have been unfairly terminated or discriminated against, they may have legal recourse to seek redress.

Here are some tips on how to avoid getting fired from your job:

Understand your job requirements: Make sure you know exactly what is expected of you in your role. Ask your supervisor or HR department for a job description if you are unclear.

Meet deadlines and deliver quality work: Always strive to meet or exceed deadlines and produce high-quality work. If you are struggling to meet deadlines, communicate with your supervisor and ask for help.

Be reliable and punctual: Show up to work on time and be consistent in your attendance. If you need to take time off, make sure to follow proper procedures and communicate with your supervisor.

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