How should I correct my child without "punishing" him?

August 09
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My 3 year old blatantly poured a bag of chips on the floor in front of me. He was not having a tempertantrum but I think he was trying to test me. For situations like this, how do I correct his behavior without spanking or shaming him?

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A 3-Year-old child needs love at this stage of their life but that doesn't stop parents from correcting them when they err. Meanwhile, Spanking is one of the most widely debated parenting topics. While most pediatricians and parenting experts don't recommend spanking the vast majority of parents around the world admit to spanking their kids says Verywellfamily.

Aha Parenting has better ideas on the Ways to guide children without disciplining them. The most effective way to teach kids is our modeling, and treating them the way we want them to treat others: with compassion and understanding. When we spank, punish, or yell, kids learn to act aggressively.

As a parent, I will go with the idea of modeling and correcting the children in love.

Modeling the child

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