How to change a car battery

September 13
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Got a 2010 infiniti g37 and need to change the battery in it. Don't want to go into the dealership to do it any good tutorials out there?

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There are a bunch of video tutorials on Youtube that walk you through the process. I'd suggest checking out a couple of different ones just to get a feel for the process. If you've never changed a car battery before make sure you have the right tools/materials. Typically, you'll need an adjustable wrench, a crescent wrench, and vise pliers, and a socket wrench. Some cars require special tools or parts so make sure you do your homework. Though changing a battery is a fairly simple process no matter your car model. 

There are a couple of different ones listed on AutoZone so it might be worth it to call and talk to a mechanic about it. Be prepared for the process, it looks like you're going to need to take apart a good chunk of your engine. Hope this helps! 

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It is well known that factory batteries in Infiniti vehicles have short life spans. While Infiniti should address this issue with their supplier, every G owner should be aware that they will probably need to replace it within the first 3 years. A friend's 2007 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan needed a new battery at just under 3 years and the 2008 G37 Sport Coupe lasted just 2.5 years. The information here is the step-by-step process for performing a battery swap.

Also, you will find this video helpful because it shows each step in changing the battery in Infiniti G37

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