How to convince your child you are a good parent

August 05
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How can I convince my children that I'm a good parent?

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Consider why your child may be feeling otherwise. What are the disconnects and miscommunications occurring between the two of you? Are you living completely different lives and barely seeing each other? Do you mainly talk when they are in trouble as opposed to about anything positive? If so, taking steps towards spending positive quality time together and respectfully communicating and sharing with one another will help your relationship immensely. 

Family therapy could help, too. 

Here are some steps to take if you need to mend your relationship with your child.

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If you're truly a good parent and your child is acting ungrateful, have them make a list of everything you've done for them. Not just financially, either. Have them consider how you've spent your time and energy on them. This will help them focus on what you have done as opposed to what they may be upset about. 

At the same time, have an open conversation with your child. If they feel neglected in some way or feel there's room for improvement, hear them out. Both of you feeling heard and respected will help your relationship immensely. 

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