How to express yourself with coworkers

August 05
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Can you express yourself clearly to your coworkers?

2 Answers:

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Remember that you are in a professional environment – not at a bar with your buddies. Keep your language clean and professional. If you become friends with some, it is more acceptable to joke around and maybe tease one another, depending on the work environment. However, refrain from doing so until you're closer so nothing is misconstrued and nobody feels uncomfortable. 

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Don't be passive-aggressive, and don't gossip. If you have a disagreement with a coworker, try to keep it between just the two of you unless a higher-up needs to be involved. Don't have everyone else know your business. 

Go to them directly and honestly and respectfully state how you're feeling. Listen to their side as well – don't just hear what they say, but honestly and respectfully listen and understand. There are two sides to every story, and they may feel upset with you as well. 

Try to come to an agreement or compromise regarding the current issue or a plan to handle future situations. 

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