How to format a resume

August 05
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What should I put on my resume and what should I leave off?

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The simpler, the better. Try to keep it on one page. Only have the relevant job history and experience on it. 

Make sure it is easy to read. Keep the font size around 12-point, and Times New Roman is your safest bet. 

Make sure to proofread your resume repeatedly, as well. 

This site has tips and sample resumes you can get inspiration from.

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There are a few types of resumes. One is chronological, which lists work experience starting with your most recent and then working backward. This is the one I have seen the most. Another type is called a functional resume. This type of resume will change from job to job as it emphasizes the work experience and achievements that are most relevant to each position. A third type is called a combination resume. It includes work experience, achievements, skills, and education. 

Indeed dives further into these and provides more detail about them. There are also examples of each type. Unless the job application requests a specific type, go with the one you like the most.

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