How to get on Shark Tank

September 29
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I invented this awesome product and want to introduce it on Shark Tank. What steps can I take to actually get on the show?

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There are some best practices for how to get on Shark Tank that you should be aware of. Granted, you could just show up and stand in the line for hours and hope that you get picked, but the reality is that with the right tactics (as well as already having a completed application), your odds will significantly improve. Here are a few tips on how to apply to, and how to prepare for Shark Tank

Meanwhile, there’s no magic bullet for clinching a successful Shark Tank effort. But research and conversations with folks who’ve experienced the show uncovered a few steps that could improve your chances. Find below the five (5) steps to get on Shark Tank

Lastly, you can check this video to hear from people that have been there. I wish you the best!

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