How to grill on a gas grill

August 11
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I want to learn how to bbq chicken, steak, and fish on a gas grill. What tools do I need, how do I turn on/off/use the grill and what recipes would be good to cook on a gas grill?

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Gas grills are unarguably convenient. There’s no need to fuss around with finding the right type of charcoal, disposing of the spent ashes, or figuring out the best way to get it lit. Lighting a gas grill is as easy as turning a knob, but cooking on it might not be as intuitive.

I hope this video will help! Also, you can check out the tips on how to grill any type of food

Now, for the recipes! They range from full meals to perfectly grilled vegetables and sides; grilled chicken and grilled seafood, with every other kind of meat in between; and lots of vegetarian and vegan options too. For an appetizer or a meal, try one of these kebab options on skewers, like the tomato gnocchi kebabs, grilled chicken kebabs, or buffalo cauliflower kebabs (and while you’re at it, check out the top picks for the best skewers to grill with). Or give grilling chicken a go—this is made up of recipes ranging from grilled chicken breasts and wings to a full Piri (it’s truly impressive!). What about red meat? You could do grilled ribs, or even learn how to grill steak. 

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