How to know if my kid is happy

August 05
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How can I tell whether my kid is happy?

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Happy children are often independent. It's not to say they never need help, but they are willing to try to do things on their own – even new things. They know people will help them if they mess up and that failure isn't the end of the world. They're able to bounce back and try again. Additionally, they are able to connect well with those around them, including family members and classmates. 

This article discusses these examples, as well as other ways to tell if your child is happy.

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You can speak to their child often about their day. While it is common for children - especially teens – to give a simple "it was ok," dig deeper and ask more specific questions. This can help you know if anything concerning is going on at school. If your child is suddenly faking illnesses, skipping school, etc., those are also signs they are unhappy, and it's likely related to school. 

This article speaks more about how to tell if kids are happy at school. If your kid is younger, you will likely enjoy this article. It lists ten questions to ask yourself about your child to know if your child is happy and thriving.

Things like their sleep schedule, eating habits, and behavioral patterns will offer insight into their well-being and mental state. 

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