How to pick the right college

August 05
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What should I take into account when selecting a college?

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First consider when making a college choice:

The Basics

And this is just the basics when trying to decide on what US college to go to. So remember to do further research and to visit the current college if you can, as it might be where you will be spending the next few years and investing a lot of yours and your parents' hard your earned cash in this!

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Try to speak to current students and alumni. Don't just go off the word of the advisors and workers - their job is to recruit you, so they may not be entirely truthful and forthcoming. 

Look at the required courses and course descriptions for your desired major. Also, look at the cost of all of it. Will the courses give you the tools for the future you want? Are they worth the cost? Can you get the same, if not better, information at a community college first or at another college? 

Shop around and compare. And don't let anyone else make this decision for you – it is your education, your future, and your choice.

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Go on college tours as much as possible – even if it's just virtually. Research the college campus and town. While the classes at the college are certainly important, so are the atmosphere and environment. Make sure you can imagine yourself being there for the duration of your degree. 

A lot of colleges will send advisors and/or alumni to high schools to talk about their campus. Don't be afraid to ask them questions, either during or after the presentation. That is what they're there for. 

This article provides questions you should ask yourself – and honestly answer – when researching and choosing colleges. Consider the college size, academic and extracurricular opportunities, and the cost.

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