How to properly raise your child

August 05
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How can you tell if you are properly raising your child?

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Do not try to be their friend. You are their parent – not their peer. You make the rules, and the children respect and follow them and are disciplined if out of line. If they do not learn this at a young age, then we will just have more adults who don't follow directions or respect anyone – including themselves. 

Note that I do not mean to be abusive or a dictator. Be in charge and have clear-cut guidelines and consequences of what is expected, and let them know that they are not running the household. Children need discipline and structure. 

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Implement the gentle parenting method. 

Essentially, it means focusing on being patient and compassionate with your child and understanding who they are as individuals while taking their feelings into consideration. Contrary to what some believe, it doesn't mean your child is spoiled or gets to do whatever they want. Instead, you are modeling the behavior you want to see in them. You are communicating with them, respecting them, and focusing on age-appropriate discipline to help them make better choices. It views parents and children as on the same team and views discipline as lessons instead of just punishment. 

These three articles give a good insight into what gentle parenting is, what it isn't, and how it compares to other parenting strategies:

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