How to read faster

August 05
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How can I read more quickly?

2 Answers:

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Learning how to word chunk will help you to speed read. Essentially, instead of reading one word at a time, our minds actually do see the chunks. Our eyes just process it one word at a time. However, you can practice and adjust your vision when you read in order to take in chunks of the text at a time. 

Here is an article that goes more in-depth about word chunking. The article is from a speed-reading site, so you'll likely find more helpful information there, too. 

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This article highlights ten tips you can use to start reading faster. One of the main ones is to practice by reading a wide variety of texts. Read your old favorites and also try new things. 

Another simple technique is to use your finger, a marker, a pencil, etc. to follow along with what you're reading. This will help keep your mind focused. It will also keep your eyes from jumping to another line.

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