How to regain trust

August 05
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How can you regain someone's trust?

2 Answers:

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Trust is something that is built over time and through experience. If you have trust in someone, it
means that you feel confident in their abilities and character. However, trust can be broken. If
someone breaks your trust, it can be difficult to regain it. Here are a few tips for regaining trust

  • Do not apologize or promise anything- what's done is done, and words don't fix mistakes. It's more important to show the person you hurt that they matter with an act of
    kindness, such as helping them out or listening without judgment.
  • Actively work on yourself- this includes looking at past decisions and realizing what led
    up to the hurtful situation, so one doesn't repeat those mistakes. 

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Trust is something that is built over time and can be easily lost. If you've lost someone's trust,
regaining it will take patience and understanding:
1. Apologize for whatever it is that you did to lose their trust.
2. Explain what you did wrong and why it was wrong.
3. Show them that you're taking steps to change by committing and following through.
4. Give them time to process everything and see that you're sincere about changing. 

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