How to start going to therapy

August 08
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I have been feeling pretty anxious lately and am thinking of seeing a therapist for it. Any ideas on where to start? I have health insurance with Humana.

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To start with now is the time to see a Therapist!  According to NPR, are you feeling anxious? Overwhelmed? Unhappy? Not sure what you're feeling at all? These might be signs that your "check engine" light is on and seeing a therapist could help. You will find a list of what to do in the link.

In addition, PsychCentral shared tips for starting therapy. Therapy aims to investigate the root cause of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Your therapist can help you shine a light on harmful patterns, and assist you with adjusting and coping.

Personally, I believe at one point in our lives, we will need therapy and we should not hesitate to do so. I share the same thought with PsychCentral about seeing a therapist.


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