How to tell my girlfriend I am married

August 05
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How do I tell my girlfriend about my wife?

2 Answers:

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It can be difficult to tell your girlfriend that you are married, especially if you are still married to your wife. You may feel like you are betraying your wife or breaking your vows, but it is important, to be honest with your girlfriend.
If you are not honest with her, she may feel betrayed herself. The best way to tell her is to be direct and honest. Tell her you are married and explain why you did not tell her earlier.

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You should start by telling your girlfriend the truth about your situation. It is important, to be honest with her from the beginning. You may be worried about how she will react, but it is important to be open and honest with her.
If you are not married, you should tell her that as well. It is also important to be sensitive to her feelings and give her the time she needs to process this information. Finally, be patient and understanding during this difficult time for both of you.

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