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August 15
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I want to publish a children's book and already have a topic in mind, but don't know where to start.

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To start writing a book generally, you need to gather your thoughts, write them down, revise, and structure them afterward. So, you want to know how to write a children’s book? You've got the right idea in mind — children and teenagers are some of the most devoted readers out there! But you should know that writing great children's literature is no easy feat, especially if you're brand-new to the game.

In addition, you need to research, draft your thoughts, revise and edit, then your second draft, revise and edit. If you have anyone to check it for you do so however, you need to target a specific age group. 

Finally, once you’ve carved out the time and considered your plot and characters, the actual book writing can begin. Following these step-by-step writing tips will help you write your own book. I hope this is helpful!

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Honestly, it’s hard to know where to start in writing books. However, children’s books seem so simple, but when you sit down to do it, what do you do first? It’s only 32 pages! How hard can it be?  It might surprise you to learn that creating and writing a children’s book can take as much effort as a novel for adults. It’s a unique process because the audience is really special.

Ultimately, you need to figure out what age range you’re writing for, and then write within that word count. Note that, books aimed at kids do not need to teach morality or academic concepts; instead, young readers want a great story, memorable characters, fluid use of language, perhaps a little humor, and even some thrills.

Here are tips on how to write a children's book. I believe this would be of great help.

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