Is string theory true?

August 05
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Is string theory true? If so, why?

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String theory is just that, a theory. It tries to explain that the Universe is all interconnected at a sub-atomic level. Even the most basic explanation of String theory is complex and incredibly hard to get your head around as it involves the 26-dimensional bosonic string theories and the 10-dimensional super-string theories discovered by applying super-symmetry. Some speculative theoretical ideas for the supersymmetry: supersymmetry what is it? 

It is hoped that String theory will one day help us to understand black holes and may even help us to understand what caused the Big Bang that helped create the Universe 14 billion years ago. The Big Bang Theory

Worth watching to understand String theory that much better: 

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Although string theory is a powerful idea, it remains unfinished and untested. Hence, it hasn't been confirmed as true.

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It hasn't been universally accepted. For this reason, it can't be classified as true. It remains a theory.

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