Is Transitional Kindergarten neccessary?

August 05
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Is Transitional Kindergarten (TK) necessary for my child?

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Yes, it helps your child be more prepared for school. It will help set them on the right track academically. Research shows that students attending transitional kindergarten have more advanced literacy and math skills than those who did not attend. They are also more able to control themselves in the classroom. 

They will be more prepared for kindergarten since they know what to expect academically and from a classroom environment. This article shows a lot of statistics and highlights some of the differences between preschool and transitional kindergarten 

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No. While some states are exploring this further and working to make it more available for families, it is not necessary. You need to do what works for your child and your family. Preschool and working with your kid at home (or having a family member or tutor work with them) regarding academic, social/emotional, and life skills are great pre-kindergarten options, too. Only you (and your partner, if applicable) know what is best for your child. 

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