Most educational tv shows for toddlers

August 05
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Which television programs are most educational for a five-year-old?

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Bluey is a definite family favorite right now! For Father's Day, my brother even got a Bluey shirt with his daughter's name on it.

It features two girl dogs, a mom, and a dad. They focus a lot on imaginative play, which encourages their viewers to do the same. It also portrays common issues kids face, such as sibling rivalry and feeling left out when friends are playing without them, and shows how to handle these issues when they arise. It's also great to see children and parents playing together often in a show; it demonstrates a very loving, kind family. Overall, they appear to be good role models for kids and parents. 

Here is an article written by a dad about why he believes families should watch Bluey.

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CoComelon is one of the most popular shows for babies and young children, currently. It features a lot of songs about various topics, such as nursery rhymes, counting, sports, and taking a bath. The songs are super repetitive, so they are likely to get stuck in parents' heads, but it works great with kids! They like how the show features a boy and a girl, too, so many children can relate personally to them. 

When I was making lesson plans during my college classes, I included CoComelon songs for the kindergartens a few times. The songs and brightly colored videos were great ways to get students thinking about the topic of the day. 

Here is an example of a CoComelon song about sharing. It is repetitive, colorful, and demonstrates sharing in multiple ways for young children. 

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