Mountain climbing

October 18
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I've been wanting to try mountain climbing for so long but don't know why I never took the chance to go with my friends. I would like to know some tips so that it will be an easier experience for me as a beginner. Thanks in advance🙂

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When talking about mountain climbing, most people tend to think about it as rock climbing. But mountain climbing is when you ascend or descend on a mountain face. It can be as easy as hiking up a hillside or more advanced that needed high level of technical skills and use of gear. Mountain climbing could include rock climbing (scaling a rock that’s vertical like a boulder, wall or mountain face).

This challenging outdoor activity is so rewarding because you get to see breath-taking views, during and after your ascend. I can’t blame you if you want to try this exciting sport. So first thing you should do is get a guide to learn basic techniques for mountain climbing. You start small and get in shape. Build your fitness on increasingly longer and harder trails. Increase your weight load to familiarize your leg muscles. It is also important to get the right gear. There are a lot more things you should know, so to learn more, you could read this article.

You can also target these awesome mountains for beginners when you are ready. Good luck.

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