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October 27
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I need some ideas for prom makeup that isn't too glamorous

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Stylcraze have a lot of gorgeous ideas on Prom Makeups. It depends on what style you want. From no-make up look to smoky edgy style to sweet princess makeup, they have it all. Check it out here.

Personally, my prom night look was simple and elegant. Because I wanted it to be classy and timeless so it wouldn’t be too embarrassing when I look at the pictures now. I have also stumbled on a video tutorial for a great prom makeup. Watch it here.

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Here are some easy and cool prom makeup ideas that are not overly glamorous:

  1. Go for a natural look: Keep your makeup simple with a natural, fresh-faced look. Use a tinted moisturizer, some mascara, and a little lip gloss for a low-key, effortless vibe.
  2. Focus on your eyes: Use neutral eyeshadow shades to create a soft, smoky eye. You can also use a winged eyeliner or add some individual lashes for a subtle touch of glam.
  3. Opt for a bold lip: If you're not into eye makeup, try a bold lip instead. Choose a bright lipstick shade that complements your skin tone and keeps the rest of your makeup minimal.
  4. Highlight your features: Use highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and Cupid's bow to add a subtle glow to your face. This will make your features stand out without going overboard.
  5. Play with color: If you want to add a pop of color to your makeup look, try a colored eyeliner or a bright blush. Just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup understated.

So there you have it, some cool and easy ideas for prom makeup that aren't too glamorous. Remember to have fun and experiment with what works best for you!

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