Rainy days

October 12
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Do you like rainy days? I personally hate them and I cannot find a solution for this😆 How can I manage to not hate rainy days this much??

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Most of the time I love the rainy days. I think it is peaceful. Especially when I get to enjoy it indoors with a warm cup of coco, a blanket and cable. But of course, life goes on even if it’s raining cats and dogs outside. We have responsibilities and adult stuff to do like go out for work, get groceries, put our kids to school, etc. There are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself for the rainy season. It is after all a blessing because just as much as the sun, the nature also needs the rain. 

If you really hate rainy days in your country, you can make it fun by arranging a trip somewhere dry. You can check for this article for best places to visit each month of the year.

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Reframe your mindset: Instead of focusing on the negatives of rainy days, try to reframe your mindset and see them as an opportunity for relaxation, self-care, or indoor activities that you may not normally have time for.

Get outside: While it may seem counterintuitive, getting outside and embracing the rain can be a refreshing change of pace. Take a walk, go for a run, or even just stand outside and feel the rain on your skin.

Plan indoor activities: Rainy days can be a great opportunity to catch up on indoor activities like reading, watching movies, or trying out a new recipe. Make a list of activities you enjoy and plan to do them on rainy days.

Create a cozy atmosphere: Make your indoor space warm and cozy by lighting candles, snuggling up with a blanket, and enjoying a warm beverage. This can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed on rainy days.

Connect with others: Use rainy days as an opportunity to connect with friends or family. Plan a board game night, have a movie marathon, or just enjoy a cup of coffee together. Socializing can help boost your mood and make rainy days feel more enjoyable.

Practice gratitude: On rainy days, it can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of the weather. However, practicing gratitude can help shift your perspective and focus on the positives. Take a few minutes to reflect on the things you're thankful for, even on rainy days.

Find beauty in the rain: Rain can be beautiful in its own way. Try to appreciate the way it nourishes plants and brings new life to the world around you. You can also find beauty in the way raindrops sparkle on surfaces or the sound of rain hitting your window.

Embrace rainy day fashion: Use rainy days as an opportunity to embrace cute and cozy rainy day fashion. Invest in a stylish raincoat, rain boots, or a cute umbrella that you enjoy using.

Practice self-care: Rainy days can be a great opportunity to practice self-care. Take a warm bath, do a face mask, or practice meditation or yoga. Taking care of yourself can help boost your mood and make rainy days feel more enjoyable.

Give yourself permission to take a break: Finally, it's important to give yourself permission to take a break on rainy days. If you're feeling tired or unmotivated, don't beat yourself up. Allow yourself to take a break and relax. You'll feel refreshed and more productive when the rain clears up.

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In general I don't like rainy days, especially rainy mornings when I have to go to the office by motorbike. Have to wear a raincoat (a hassle), traffic jams, and I could be late. Even so, there are times when I remember sweet moments of my life (especially during high school and college) when it rains. So, in order for our lives to always be comfortable, what needs to be corrected is our thoughts (mind) about this ordinary natural phenomenon (rainy days). 

Rain is normal, don't think it's always troublesome. When it rains, we feel sad while some children (who run on the street enjoying the rain) and people will be happy (the farmers are happy because their gardens and fields are not short of water). So, let's be tolerant of the happiness of fellow human beings. And more importantly we must realize that rain is a gift from God. With rain, rivers are watery, wells are full of water, groundwater reserves are maintained, and plants will grow and bear fruit. It is God's gift, through those rainy days that we hate, that we need to be aware of and grateful for.

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The weather is much more influential in determining your mood than you might think. Therefore, things to do when you are bored usually come to mind during rainy days. Think about it; don't you get a little more depressed on rainy days when you're in a sunny mood? When you have to confine yourself indoors to protect yourself from rain or snow, you naturally get bored and look for activities to relieve the boredom.

Dark and rainy days, when you can't get out of closed spaces, can actually be a good opportunity for you to take time for yourself. As long as you decide on an activity, the rest will be much more fun than you think. 

1-Take a look at the books you haven't had time to read in a long time and choose one of them to make use of the time today. Then brew yourself a nice cup of coffee made from fresh coffee beans or order a coffee of your choice at a cafe. Start reading your book while sipping your coffee and listening to the sound of raindrops. You will see, after this activity, you will wonder why you never thought that even a rainy day could give you so much peace. 
2-How about getting into the kitchen to make a recipe you know or a flavor you've never made before but enjoy eating? At the end of this activity, which will be accompanied by beautiful music, we are sure that you will lose track of time again. Because the hours will fly by as you wonder what your labor of love will taste like.
3- If you are at home and can't decide how to spend your time indoors, you can bring the SPA service to your home by treating yourself to a relaxing self-care session. Applications such as steam bath and peeling, which are usually found in hotels or SPA centers, you can create a SPA atmosphere in your home and you can beautify your day. 
4 - Now is the time to start a TV series that you want to watch but can't find the time or that your friends recommend! You can even watch it season by season and enjoy the day by finishing the whole series.
5-Your home is, of course, your home. But don't ignore that you can also redecorate your home from time to time with different perspectives. Especially on rainy days when you are too lazy to leave the house, you can bring a brand new energy to your home with some changes in the location of the furniture. And you don't even need to spend money to buy new furniture. 
6- Painting as a hobby is one of the activities that many people can enjoy. A hobby is a way of working in a role where the main goal is to relax and have fun. Painting is an activity that brings calmness, delicacy and precision. It is also an excellent activity to train motor coordination, detail and attention. Painting is a way of expressing yourself as well as training creativity.
7-Meditation is one of the most effective ways to relax the mind.
We can use meditation to relieve the discomfort caused by fatigue, uncertainty, responsibilities and daily chaos; to calm down, to strengthen our sense of trust in ourselves and in life, to increase our creativity and to organize more easily.
8- Just relax my friend be lazy and sleep :)  😴



I only like rainy days when I am at home, wanting to be cozy and listen to the rain sounds, with a candle burning. I hate it when it is raining and I have to drive in the rain. Now that`s annoying. You can choose to not hate rainy days by choosing comfy and cozy activities to do while it rains, like reading a book, watching a movie, or ****, sleeping too at this point lol

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