Short haircuts for a round face

August 08
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I have long hair down to my waist and am thinking of cutting it short (something above the shoulders). My hair is fine and naturally straight, any good suggestions for a hairstyle or haircut that will look good with a round face and is easy to maintain?

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Round faces are perfect for short hair! Most short hairstyles are easy to maintain, the most you'll need is a texturizing product that'll help give your hair more body. Learning how to style your new hair is going to be key. 

A sleek middle-parted bob will give you enough length to work with without creating a stark contrast from what you're used to. A textured lob is what I'd recommend since you have fine hair. It's not too short or too long and the texture will keep your hair from looking pin straight. Unless you're after the clean slicked-down look then a regular bob would look nice and give you a little bit of shape. 

Whatever you decide, an experienced hairstylist will listen to your goals and examine your hair's needs in order to find a happy medium. For some visual inspiration, Cosmopolitan has a great breakdown of various hairstyles on different celebrities so you can see how they look. 



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