Should you purchase large electronics on Facebook Marketplace?

August 05
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Can I trust Facebook Marketplace to purchase large electronics or will I fall victim to fraud?

2 Answers:

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When it comes to falling victim to fraud most people can gauge if a situation sounds sketchy. So if something feels off about the seller then it most likely is a scam.

I've always had a good experience with Facebook Marketplace and most sellers are there to just get rid of things they don't need or use. Do your research on the electronics you're looking to buy and how much they retail for secondhand. If the price is too low there's likely something wrong with it. 

You can also ask the seller if you can test out the product before paying for it. If they're not ok with that then take it as a sign. Take a look at the seller's profile, usually, you'll be able to tell if the account is fake or recently made. Sometimes they'll even have a rating and reviews on the profile. 

In the event that something goes wrong with your purchase, Facebook has a purchase protection plan. You can get in touch with Facebook about the situation and they'll help you navigate the next steps. 

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When purchasing on Facebook Marketplace, it's important to use your best judgment. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. However, if you're considering purchasing a large item, like electronics, we recommend meeting the seller in person to complete the transaction. This way, you can inspect the item before handing over any money. Regarding online transactions, it's always better to err on the side of caution.

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