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October 31
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What is tax-free refund? I have heard from a couple of friends but I don't know how I can apply it.
I am visiting Barcelona next month and I plan to go shopping so I would like to know if I can benefit from it.

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You can get your tax refund through the retailer/store where you purchased your goods. In Barcelona, over 90% of shops and establishments are included in the Tax-Free system. These shops would normally have the Tax-Free logo, but even if you don’t see it outright, it is worth asking the retail staff if you can shop tax-free. Once you shop in an establishment that’s Tax-Free for visitors/tourists, you can request them for tax refund cheques. They will fill and seal them for you.

Fast forward to your day of departure from Barcelona: you must go to the airport tax refund point with these checks, your passport, receipt, and the purchased goods (they must be unused or unopened), and your boarding pass. The customs authorities will then stamp the cheques, and you would be able to collect your tax refund at any exchange house with the currency that you wish. The second way is to do this via financial services companies such as Global Blue or Planet Payment (formerly known as Premier Tax-Free). These companies will act as an agent and process the VAT refund for you, for a service fee.

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You can save money by getting a tax-free refund. First is check if the store has a TFS or Tax Free Shopping. Spend at least the minimum amount for VAT refund on a single receipt. Go to a concierge or ask your sales associate to prepare you the VAT Refund Form. Decide whether to get your refund downtown or at the airport or through your credit card or bank account.

Since you are visiting Barcelona, this article will be a huge help for you. It has all the information including the percentage of the refund you are going to get, depending on your purchase amount. I hope it helps.

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Tax-free refund is a program that allows non-residents of a country to claim a refund of the Value Added Tax (VAT) they have paid on goods they have purchased during their visit. In many countries, including Spain, VAT is charged on most goods and services.

To apply for a tax-free refund in Spain, you will need to meet the following conditions:

  1. You must be a non-resident of the European Union (EU).
  2. You must make a minimum purchase of €90.15 at a single store, on the same day, and request a tax-free form from the retailer.
  3. You must present your passport or identification document to the retailer to verify your non-resident status.
  4. You must leave the EU within three months from the date of purchase and show the goods to customs officials to get a stamp on your tax-free form.

Once you have received the stamp, you can claim your refund at the tax-free service desk or by mail within a specified time frame. The amount of the refund will depend on the VAT rate and the commission charged by the tax-free service provider.

When you go shopping in Barcelona, look for stores that participate in the tax-free refund program, and make sure to ask the retailer for a tax-free form when you make a purchase. They will be able to provide you with more information on how to claim the refund.

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Tax-free refund, also known as VAT (Value Added Tax) refund, allows tourists to reclaim the taxes they paid on eligible purchases made during their visit. In Barcelona, look for stores displaying the "Tax Free" or "Global Blue" logo. Ask for a tax refund form when making purchases, follow the instructions, and present the completed form at the airport or designated refund points to receive the refund. Remember to bring your passport and keep the receipts.

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